Let Us Know about Your Recent Commute

Take the Houston Bike Survey and tell us about your recent bicycle commute.  The results of the survey will be shared with elected officials and planners.

The survey is based on the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project.  To take the short survey, click Houston Bike Survey. The survey link will be live until June 30.

Last year, 170 cyclists responded to the survey.  Riding as  a work commute was the main reason for 38.7% of the respondents, with 32.7% saying their ride was for exercise.  The top destination zip code was 77030, the Texas Medical Center area, with downtown, 77002, as the next likely destination.

To see all of the results, click on the following links:



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  1. This is a good survey Paul. How could we get companies to add the survey into their company digital newsletters?

    I’ll try posting a link to the TMC News Facebook page.

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