Weekly Group Rides Old

Looking for a group to ride with?

BikeHouston is compiling a list of regular weekly group rides for new and experienced riders. Please consult the group ride rules at the bottom of this page before you join a ride.

If your store or group hosts a weekly ride and you want it added to this list, please send us an email to get it added to our list.

Each location shown in the map below will have one or more rides associated with it. Refer to the numbered location in the list below to see which group rides start from that location (map is not clickable).


Google-Maps-houston1 West End Ride (Tue/Thu 6:30 pm) – West End Bicycles
Ted’s Taco Ride (Sunday) – West End Bicycles

2Urban Ride (Wed 6:30 pm) – Urban Bike Gallery
Urban Ride (Sat/Sun 8:00 am) – Urban Bike Gallery

3Blue Line Wednesday Ride (Wednesday 7:00 pm)

4Bikesport Wednesday Night Ride (Wed 6:00 pm) – Bikesport

5Southwest Cycling Club (SWCC) Ride (Sat 7:30 am)Meets at the Kroger parking lot at the corner of W. Airport and Hwy 6

6Bike Barn Atascocita Saturday Ride (Sat 7:00 am) – Bike Barn Atascocita

7Bohemeo’s Badass Bike Ride (Thu 7:30 pm) – Market Square

8Beaver’s Monthly Social Ride (Third Mon – 7:30 pm) – Beaver’s

Rules for Group Rides:

  1. Ride at your own risk. Group rides are inherently safer than riding alone, especially on Houston’s busy streets. However, since the roads are public, anything can happen. Stay alert and ride safely.
  2. Wear a helmet.
  3. Use bike lights when riding at night. It’s also a good idea to wear brightly colored, or reflective clothing.
  4. Ride predictably. If you’re new to a group, ride conservatively and observe the riding style of the group. Stay back from the front as you may not always know where the turns are or hear them called out. Watch the other riders for cues to where road hazards are.

Individual groups may have additional rules, but common to every group ride are a basic set of rules you should follow when riding. Ask the ride host before you join the ride if they have any specific rules you’ll need to know about.