Blue Line Wednesday Ride (Wednesday 7:00 pm)

Type: Road
When: Wednesday 7:00 pm
Location: Blue Line Bike Lab - 3302 White Oak Drive  Houston, TX 77007
Distance: 30 mi.
Pace: 18 – 26 mph
Description: This midweek evening ride starts at the bike shop and heads east for a loop through the 5th ward and over the viaduct into downtown. From there is heads west on Washington to TC Jester and north up to 43rd st. The second half of the ride continues west on 43rd/Clay Rd to Blalock and south to Westview where it heads back east to the Heights. The ride starts out as a single group but usually breaks up into two groups. The slower group often goes short for a total distance of 23 miles.
Route map: Blue Line Wednesday Ride
No Drop?: Riders may be dropped
Contact: Blue Line Bike Lab