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Houston City Elections Are Not Over!

Houston City Elections Are Not Over!

A runoff election will be held on Dec. 12th with an early voting option from Dec. 2nd to the 8th for the following City of Houston positions: Mayor Controller At Large Council Seats 1, 2, 4 and 5 District seats F, H and J. Details on the run-off election can be found at Harris Votes and will be similar to standard elections. Early voting will run from Dec. 2nd to Dec. 8th and election day is the 12th. The voting location will be the same as where you voted in November. Your vote is the runoff election is critical. In the last run-off election only 50,000 people voted out of 2.9 million people in Houston. In other words, your vote is counting for 50. If you want more safe places to ride, please go vote and bring all your friends with you. You can decide who to vote for based on candidates responses to our questionnaire about bicycling issues here. We are updating our website currently to show all of the responses we have received from candidates. Please check back if... read more

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Hop on your bike for the Houston Bike Challenge!

Hop on your bike for the Houston Bike Challenge!

Do you have a bike? Do you want to ride more?  Now is the time to team up with your coworkers and friends for the Houston Bike Challenge—a fun, free competition to encourage more people to ride during the month of November. Shell, BP and Rice University are among 44 organizations already signed up. The goal is to convince more people to hop on a bike so they can experience the benefits of riding—health, fitness and peace of mind—firsthand. Participation rather than distance is the key, so organizations that get the most staff riding for just 10 minutes will win. To enter, follow these four steps: ● Register at www.lovetoride.net/houston; it’s free. ● Ride a bike anywhere, anytime, for at least 10 minutes during November. ● Record your ride on this site and tell your friends and coworkers about the Challenge. ● Reward yourself and your friends by winning prizes! People can ride anywhere they like, anytime in November. There will be live league tables on the Challenge website showing which organizations are currently in the lead. “A recent survey indicated that nearly half the people in the Houston... read more


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Achieving Gold in Houston is Bike Plan Vision.

Achieving Gold in Houston is Bike Plan Vision.

Exciting news on the Houston Bike Plan! We have a created a strong vision BFCHHISC_Goldlgstatement and goals to achieve the vision. The draft vision and goals were created through extensive public input and with help from the Bicycle Advisory Committee.
VISION:By 2026, Houston will be a Safer, More Accessible, Gold Level Bike-Friendly City.
Currently, Houston is a Bronze Level Bike-Friendly City. Getting to Gold is an ambitious but achievable goal for us over the next 10 years.

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Join BikeHouston and help change the way Houston bikes, walks, drives and lives.

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