About BikeHouston

The following are a few of our most recent projects:
  • 2007 – Bikes on Buses – Helped ensure installation of bike racks on all Metro buses. A novel idea at the time…but now it’s a necessary tool for any commuter. It is very common to find a bike on the front of a Metro Bus in Houston.
  • 2012 – Bike Share – Founding sponsor and early adopter of the Houston B-cycle program. Within two years, Houston’s Bike Share program has almost 30 stations and 250 bicycles.
  • 2013 – Safe Passing Ordinance – This ordinance defines the rules protecting all vulnerable road users including walkers, cyclists and wheelchairs. You could find us at City Council speaking on the behalf of cyclists and other vulnerable road users.
  • 2013 – Complete Streets Ordinance – A common sense ordinance directing new street construction to include all users, including walkers and cyclists. BikeHouston is a member of the Complete Streets Coalition and has been working to encourage the City to adopt this ordinance.
  • 2013 – Bronze Level – Houston was recognized in 2013 as the winner of a Bronze designation by the League of American Bicyclists for its dedication to cycling and bicycle infrastructure.  We are working hard on our Silver designation by  the League.

Houston is on a roll and making major headway for cyclists in a new wave of urbanization. Mayor Parker termed 2013 “The Year of the Bike” but we see this as just the beginning. We need the support of all cyclists in Houston to make sure your voice is heard. We are excited about the future of Houston and the future of cycling. Let’s work together to make Houston an even more bicycle-friendly city!   Donate and Become a Member….